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Amazing fitness group classes that will get you more focused, fit, and confident.


What is Lyfe Boxing?

Lyfe (noun)
any system that fulfills all four processes of the living state, namely: dissipation, autocatalysis, homeostasis, and learning.

Lyfe Boxing is more than just another boxing gym. We’re a whole way of life dedicated to training our students and helping them to achieve balance and a more fulfilled life. We offer boxing classes for women and men of all ages. Our coaches are professionals with years of experience training adults, teens, and children alike. Come in today for a free class and experience Lyfe for yourself.

Boxing classes for Adults in Floral Park


We have programs specifically designed for Adults, Teens and Young Children. We have classes for both men and women at different times to fit everyone’s schedule. Learn more about our programs below.








Warm up with combination stretching, jogging, jump rope, jack, push ups, sit ups and squats to break the sweat. Follow with the six punch combos that will energize your arms, upper body, and core.


Learn a few new combinations and continue the fat melting shadow box training to perfect your techniques right before continuing the burn on the bags.
Boxing Classes in Floral Park


Run the six punch combos that will energize your soul, fire up your arms and core while enjoying smashing stress away on the bag.


Your body will get into the next gear of interval training in between bag work rounds to get your body and mind into climax while tightening the arms, upper and lower body.


Complete your training with high intensity of core training to make sure your core looks tempting and tone at all times.


"Very nice and friendly place. Clean and family oriented."

Alberto Santos

"I love this place! Great packages and really nice and knowledgeable people!"

Paleomama - Marianna Hillenbrand

"Great location amazing customer service. Owner was very friendly."

Jonathan L

"Great class this am with Coach Edwin, fun, informative and you will learn true boxing techniques. A great workout, and calorie burner.."

Jesse Denis

"Friendly staff, clean space. Amazing environment to get your fitness goals in check."

Marcien Williams

"The initial process of onboarding with the team was made easy and comfortable in a friendly atmosphere....done by zoom with Alex or in person with Vince. I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to come check it out young or old."

Ruthy Harris

"The guys were great. Registration was easy and quick. Bring your kids and enjoy a class or just for fun."

America Dixon

"I am so pumped to begin my fitness journey with Lyfe Boxing, Floral Park!! If the communication, concern for my comfort and safety, free information and motivation they’ve shared with me from the very start is any indication then I know there is no way I won’t meet my goals!"

Lucianna Louis

"Love the ambiance, the location is nice. The studio is spacious and clean, and the trainers are awesome, attentive, and catered to all my questions and concerns."

Siah TV

"Lyfe boxing is Amazing. The staff's hospitality is wonderful. The location is clean and the staff is professional. I am excited to get fit in my cute crop top. Ready to get summer body ready.."

Jennifer Gonzalez

"Great space and amazing owner. Took his time to sit down and talk to us about how the classes work and ask us personally about when we can come back."

Joaquin Llaurado

"Decided to stop by this new boxing location close to my home & the experience was pretty cool, the manager vincent was very attentive and helpful & provided good information on the process. The space was clean & the vibe was cool 10/10 would recommend."

Stephanie Gordon Thompson

"I am loving lyfe boxing, I am really enjoying the coaches and the work out routines, plus its a friendly environment."

Sabrina Walcott

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